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IFS Resource Bundle Parts Work Worksheets Internal Family Systems Cheat Sheets Self-Therapy Cards Handouts for Therapists Office Forms Cards

IFS Resource Bundle Parts Work Worksheets Internal Family Systems Cheat Sheets Self-Therapy Cards Handouts for Therapists Office Forms Cards

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herapists use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Parts Work therapy bundle that includes journal prompts, workbook handouts, fillable worksheets, therapist-guided questions, and mindfulness cards to help clients dive deep into self-exploration and discover the root of their inner struggles, heal past wounds, and integrate all parts of themselves with ease. Embrace your power and help your clients on their journey to emotional regulation and contentedness!

This IFS & Parts Work bundle includes:

33 Workbook Handouts
99 IFS journal prompts
300+ questions to ask clients in IFS sessions
30 fillable worksheets
52 mindfulness cards

33 Workbook Handouts:
What are Schemas
Types of Schemas
Internal Family Systems Therapy
Types of Parts
What are Generational Trauma
How Generational Trauma can affect you emotionally
What is a Part
Patterns of Dysfunctional interaction by your Parts
Parts & Your nervous system
Categories of your Parts
An Inner Intervention for Parts Work
How to Talk to your Parts
The 6 F's of Parts Work
Self Beliefs
Questions for your Parts
A Healthy power Triangle
Unburdening the Process with exiles
The Functions of Emotions
Components for parts
The needs of parts
Elements of Parts work
Basic concepts of parts work
Goals of part work
The system in parts work
The 3 steps to IFS
The RAIN technique
Instructions to implement the RAIN technique
The 3 stages of parts work
Techniques for parts work
Core self on parts work
Firefighters in parts work
Managers in parts work
Exiles in parts work

99 x Journal prompts for parts work

336 questionsto ask clients in IFS sessions

52 Mindful Activity Prompts, Skills & Affirmations

60 Fillable Worksheets:

60 Fillable Worksheets:
Breaking the Cycle
Protector alternatives
Family Secrets
Part Dialogue
Establishing Boundaries
Part Identification
The Part Balance
Exploring parts
Triangle Scenario Analysis
Triangle Awareness Checklist
Body Scan Checklist
Communicating your Needs
Mirroring Family Reactions
Part Characteristics
Mapping parts
The Wheel of Life
Part Timeline
Exploring A Protector Part
Exploring An Exiled Part
Self-care & Gratitude Planner
Parts History
Identifying and Acknowledging Your Needs
Actioning Goals for Parts
Improving harmony in the system
Family Roles
Re-writing Family History
Exile History
Part Futures
Family Stories
Part Integration
Part Goals
Exile Release Exercise
Core Self Affirmation Guide
Growth Mindset Worksheet
Working Through Misunderstandings Guide
Core Self - Awareness Assessment
Family Rules
And much more!!

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